Hong Kong Moves to Ban All Ivory Sales, Closing a Loophole

New York Times
January 31st, 2018 - Hong Kong’s legislature voted on Wednesday to ban all ivory sales by 2021, closing what activists called a major loophole in the global effort to end the trade and protect elephants from poaching.

Hong Kong votes to ban domestic ivory sales

The Guardian
January 31st, 2018 - Lawmakers overwhelmingly vote for the bill to abolish trade by 2021, which will shut down a massive ivory market and throw a ‘lifeline’ to elephants

Support the Hong Kong Ivory Ban

Show your support for the Hong Kong ivory ban with no compensation for ivory traders by writing a letter/email to the Bills Committee at bc_06_16@legco.gov.hk stating your views and please encourage others to do so too. The next Bill Committee meeting is October 17, 2017.

Press Release

African Ranger, Movie Director, Hong Kong Lawmaker, Wildlife NGOs Team Up to Urge Legislative Council to Support Ivory Ban With No Compensation for Ivory Traders

Bills Comm on Protection of Endangered Species of Animals and Plants Bill 2017 (Pt1 & 2) (2017/09/06)

Part 1

Part 2

Hong Kong has the largest retail ivory market in the world, while also being a hub for the illegal trade of ivory despite law enforcement efforts. In July Hong Kong authorities seized over 7 tons of illegal ivory, the largest seizure in 30 years. For the future of elephants and the security of African communities, it is imperative that Hong Kong ban all trade of ivory. Click here for further background on the importance of the ivory ban.



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