Take Action - Canada

1.) Sign the Elephantics Petition that will be sent to the Canadian Ministers of Environment and Climate Change.

2.) Support the Ivory Ban by writing or calling your local member and ask them where wildlife and stopping domestic ivory trade are on their agenda. Other specific people to write to are:

Catherine McKenna

Minister of Environment and Climate Change

Website: catherinemckennamp.ca
Email: Catherine.McKenna@parl.gc.ca

Dr. Stephen Lucas

Deputy Minister of Environment and Climate Change

Email: stephen.lucas@canada.ca
Email (overall office): ec.ministre-minister.ec@canada.ca
Phone: (+1) 819-938-3818 (Please be polite when you call.)

3.) Work together with Elephanatics to raise awareness by downloading the #ivoryfreecanada mini-poster or create your own with the same hashtag. Take a photo of you holding it and post it on your social media with these tags: #ivoryfreecanada and @elephanaticsbc

Articles involving the progress of the ivory ban:

125,000 people sign petition demanding Canada ban trade in elephant ivory

Canada must ban all ivory imports

Non-profit group urges Canadian government to ban domestic ivory trade

AWI joins 95 organizations urging Canada to close domestic elephant ivory trade





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